Biggest Payouts in the Online Casino Industry

Biggest Payouts in the Online Casino Industry

For all casino games enthusiasts, what matters most is the gambling experience. A fun, rewarding experience is what makes gambling so mesmerizing. Many people travel long distances to visit casinos for entertainment and the exciting atmosphere and go back home with more money than they came with. The question is: whether things are the same now? 

Many people have started switching to online casinos as these virtual casinos offer great services and features that make your gambling experience even more fun than physical casinos. 

An outstanding characteristic about online casinos is the convenience they offer; within the comfort of your own home, you can gamble enthusiastically. Now you do not have to travel long distances, and you can play some of the best casino games and be granted the biggest online casino payouts!

With a huge variety of exciting games and best live casino bonuses and jackpots, online casinos have grabbed the attention of many. Alongside an outstanding user interface and prompt customer support, online casinos do not fail to give you a similar experience as a physical casino.

Online casinos are as seamless and interesting as they sound! We believe that with the increasing popularity of online casinos, they will soon become dominant over physical casinos! Now is your chance to maximize your winnings and have utmost amusement. So what are you waiting for?

Do Online Casinos Pay Out More?

Payouts matter a lot when it comes to casinos, whether physical or virtual. Customers prefer casinos that provide greater payouts and let their customers win a generous amount of money! Payout percentage should be higher for the best measure as that will ensure that you are getting more money than what you bet hence, making some handsome profits. Payout rates and percentages excite customers and enable them to understand how much they should bet for a particular game.

Online casinos do not just promise a high-quality gaming experience but also some of the best payouts, and they provide better payouts than what you would receive from physical casinos. Some factors contribute to higher payouts through online casinos. 

The percentages of payout rates offered in online casinos are higher and range around 85% and higher. This percentage can go as high as 98%. At the same time, the average payout percentage of physical casinos remains around 93-94%. Online casinos offer the highest payouts when it comes to slot games. Many games on online casinos also state their payout percentage rate so that before you play, you already know how much you might win so that you bet accordingly.

These payouts are better than physical casinos because of the plethora of bonuses and promotions offered on online casinos. Online casinos, specifically slot games, offer many different types of amusing bonuses such as free spins, re-spins, mystery spins and jackpots that will enable you to earn big! Hence, increasing the size of your payouts as well. 

Physical casinos also have bonuses and promotions, but online casinos dominate and have these bonuses to a greater extent. Many online casinos have up-and-coming seasonal promotions and bonuses as well. Virtual casinos are also known to have one of the greatest variety of slot games, so you can only imagine how much payout it would accumulate if each slot game also offered generous bonuses, free spins and jackpots.

The only drawback of online casinos’ payouts is that you will have to wait a few days to get hold of the payouts you win. While in physical casinos, you can get this straight away. Moreover, online casinos have a lower limit of betting than physical casinos, so you can play more games and bet more so that you increase your chance of winning more!

Therefore, if you have been wondering whether or not online casinos payout more, the answer is: yes, they do as compared to physical casinos. However, to ensure that you can be one of those who receive humongous payouts, you need to choose your online casino wisely and choose the casinos that rank top in all aspects.

Top Online Casino Payouts

We now know that online casino payouts are bigger and better than physical ones. However, are you curious how much you can earn through the winnings from online casinos? If so, you need to continue reading to be aware of some of the biggest online casino payouts in the industry. Find out the largest payout people have received, on which game and who was the individual who was blessed by these wins!

A Huge Bounty Of $24 Million!

Would you believe us if we told you that a quarter euro could get you 24 million dollars? The same quarter euro would normally only enable you to buy a quarter liter of milk! You would probably think that we have lost our minds gambling so much! But this is not a fairy tale. Instead, a true story!

This huge bounty was won in the lands of Finland by a Finnish player on a very well-known online casino called PAF. With a mere amount of €0.25, this individual could take away 24 million dollars! Unbelievable right? But it’s true. 

This individual used to play on PAF online casinos consistently and this bounty was awarded to him through the magic of progressive jackpot slots. On one fine day in January of 2013, this man decided to bet a tiny amount on the Mega Fortune, unaware of what was in his fate ahead of him. What happened led him to be included in the top online casino payouts ever. Mega Fortune is a known slot that offers progressive jackpots and is developed by a software powerhouse in the online casino gaming industry, Net Entertainment.

One spin of the Mega Fortune slot made him become a millionaire. This was one of the biggest wins of the year 2013. That too, right at the start of the year.

This anonymous Finnish player had a mere €18.18 in his account, and he was betting €0.25 for each spin and became the chosen one for the reward of the progressive jackpot slot! There might not be much information available about this individual; it is safe to say that they might be bathing and relaxing in their colossal win!

Mega Million $22.4

Another huge win that made another individual a millionaire from the luck of one spin was through the amazing progressive jackpot slot of Mega Moolah.

This massive fortune was obtained by a player in 2018 in September as they kept on betting spins on the Mega Moolah slot and eventually, in under 50 spins, the player was granted a huge surprise of $22.4 million – enough to let the player live a comfortable life ahead for years without having to do anything. And surprisingly, each spin bet cost them $0.75 only! Hence, what they won was way more than what they bet.

This lucky person was based in Canada, and his win is thought to be one of the greatest payouts from the Mega Moolah slot to date. This win is also counted as one of the fastest wins as it took the player less than 50 spins to behold the glory of this progressive jackpot.

Mega Moolah is the heart of making online casino gaming enthusiasts millionaires and benefiting them with great wins that will make their jaws drop! It is known to be one of the biggest online casino payout games. 

The excellent software powerhouse developed this game to make interactive and exceptional online casino games, Microgaming. They have been known to create some of the best games online casinos have to offer and are very reputable.

Mega Moolah Producing Millionaires!

The Canadian individual wasn’t the only one who benefitted to an extreme extent from the Mega Moolah slot through the progressive jackpot. Instead, there have been numerous people winning big due to this amazing game.

In 2015, one fine day in autumn during October, a player from the United Kingdom who was just 26 years old named Jonathon Heywood became a part of the list containing the names of those who had received the biggest payout from an online casino. He was rewarded a huge sum of $19.9 million. 

An extremely shocking fact about this wine was that Jon Heywood had only opened his account on Betway Casino, and within 25 minutes, he was crowned the winner of this extreme win! Hence, he was just a beginner, and his win gives hope to all who think that beginners can’t win and are bound to lose. He was casually betting spins, and to his surprise, within a few minutes, he had won $19.9 million.

Jon Heywood was a British soldier and had mistaken the slot spin’s result as a mere $10,000 when in reality, he had won $19.9 million. An even more astonishing fact is that the jackpot granted him a great amount of money through a spin that cost $0.25 only.

Jon Heywood has since helped out his friends and spent a lot on him and his family. The probability of opening your account on an online casino and instantly winning millions is very less. However, Jon Heywood was an exception.

This win in 2015 was so huge that it earned itself a mention in the Guinness World Records. It was named one of the biggest payouts through a jackpot in a slot online casino game.

Mega Moolah has been prevalent in some of the biggest online casino payouts for many years and has brought joy and money to many!

Magic With Arabian Knights

What if you are playing a slot game that is not necessarily known for its huge payout but is known for its interesting theme and visuals, and gaming experience. But, you unexpectedly win millions of dollars? 

Well, that is exactly what happened to one player from Norway who won a massive amount of $17.3 million from the Arabian Knights slot. Arabian Knights is an online casino game developed by Net Entertainment that has been in the market for a very long time and is famous among the older generations, and its popularity grew after this individual acquired a huge win in 2011. 

The player had access to this game through the Betsson Casino, and he had no idea what he would be surprised with! It is said that the player was a university student who wanted to relax and spend some stress-free time hence decided to spend the entire night playing online casino games, and at the end, he had a few spins left because of some bonuses he had earned while playing and due to this he had successfully been able to obtain the progressive jackpot of Arabian Knights’ slot.

This win became the talk of the town as a more known game for its visually pleasing design and nice features, producing a huge payout that nobody had ever thought about. Hence, more people started trying out their luck on this game.

The Unbeatable Charm of Mega Moolah

As if Mega Moolah hasn’t already been mentioned twice, another one of its greatest payouts is here to blow your mind! 

Mega Moolah by Microgaming is known to payout out generously, and so one individual from the United Kingdom was able to earn a whopping sum of $11.6 million through the Mega Moolah slot’s progressive jackpot. The player bet a spin of $1.5 only! And the bet amount was returned with more than 10 million dollars.

The individual who won this mega amount was a female player; while her name details are not completely known, her initials are DP, and she had always wanted to win a jackpot, and in 2016, she finally achieved that goal. And shockingly, she was casually playing online casino games and betting on spins from her iPad when suddenly she ended up at this majestic jackpot that later many people talked about so much.

She played this game on Zodiac Online Casino in 2016 while searching for online casinos that have huge jackpot prizes and stumbled upon Zodiac Online Casino, and her good luck’s meter was at its full capacity and enabled her to win one of the biggest jackpots and be mentioned in many biggest online casino payout lists. She won enough to keep her comfortable for a large amount of time.


How long does it take to get winnings from an online casino?

The payout time for online casinos is not as quick as that of physical casinos. Hence, you receive your winnings in around a week or 10 business days. Sometimes you might get your winnings earlier, such as in 4 days. Also, you have to request to get your winnings.

Are online casinos rigged?

No, most online casinos are not rigged; instead, they are licensed and safe to gamble conveniently without the risk of falling into a scam. Before you start gambling on an online casino, always check the casino’s credibility and check out if it’s licensed so that you know you are gambling on a protected platform. Stay away from any casinos that are banned. 

Moreover, online casinos use algorithms and random generators to calculate and provide you with whether you have won or lost. This random generation does not include any engineered interference. Hence, you do not need to worry about being cheated by the system. The output that shows up is nondiscriminatory and gives a randomized result every time.

Can I win millions on online casinos?

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but you can win even millions on online casinos. Online Casinos enable customers to make huge amounts of cash, and once they are done playing, their bags are filled. These wins are possible due to the different spectacular bonuses, jackpots and promotions. However, it also depends on the kind of online casino and game you choose to play. As different games will have different rates of payout. And different online casinos can also have their maximum limits of payouts.

Choose games that have the highest payout rates. However, in the greed of winning millions, do not bet your money irresponsibly or go beyond your budget as that can cause you to go into bad losses. So while being able to win huge amounts of money activates a wow factor, gambling carelessly does not.

What is the fastest way to withdraw money from online casinos?

When you decide to withdraw money from an online casino, you have to choose a payment method that suits you best and then enter the amount you would like to withdraw, and then your withdrawing request-id generated. However, each distinct payment method will take a different time to process your withdrawal request. PayPal service proves to be one of the fastest when it comes to withdrawing money from online casinos. But that’s not it; PayPal is also the quickest regarding deposits.

Do you have to pay taxes on online gambling winnings?

Paying taxes on online gambling winnings varies from country to country. For example, if you win a huge amount of money in the US, you must pay taxes on your winnings. However, you only need to pay taxes if your winnings accumulate to a total of a particular set amount.

While in Canada, you do not have to let any department know about your gambling winnings and neither do you need to pay any taxes? You might have to pay tax only if you have earned a very large sum of money.

Which online casino game has the highest payout in Canada?

Jackpot City is an online casino that provides the highest payout in Canada. It has a very high percentage payout rate that reaches 97.82%. This is due to the fabulous jackpots and bonuses offered on their platform. You can also find many Canadian online casino reviews.

Are online casinos a good choice for gambling?

Online casinos are a great choice when it comes to gambling, they are licensed, and you can have an amazing experience. There’s a diverse variety of games. Therefore, you can play any game of your choice, from poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, etc. 

Some online casinos even provide the option of sports betting; hence there’s no question about the features any online casino has to offer. Moreover, online casinos offer many payment options making it convenient for the customer, and many online casinos have also started to facilitate cryptocurrency payments. 

Online casinos provide the same engaging experience as physical casinos and are beginner-friendly, so if you are a new user, you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can have a fun time due to the prompt customer support as well as free trial games.

Online casinos enable you to gamble from anywhere and everywhere with ease and have a lot of thrilling bonuses and jackpots to make you win big!


It is inevitable to note that you can easily earn colossal amounts of winnings through online casinos, and it is not a myth. Online casinos can provide some astonishing payouts that can cause your mind to be blown.

Online casinos are reliable, convenient, and a great alternative to physical gambling that contains many features and can be used on different devices as per your choice. With a wide variety of games and some hearty bonuses and jackpots, playing these games wisely can make you the lucky individual who experiences one of the biggest online casino payouts. Online casino payouts are better and more substantial than physical ones. 

You can win great sums of money too through online casinos; however, it depends upon the kind of online casino you select, which game you choose to play, how good of a percentage payout the game has, whether the game is rigged or not and last but not the least, your luck can also decide if you are going to be the winner or the prey of “better luck next time”. 

Regardless, you should never fall into the arms of greed and not chase after winning millions of dollars; instead, enjoy and have an entertaining experience when gambling at online casinos.

Author: David Jackson